Baccarat Glossary

It’s important for baccarat players to have access to a good glossary of this game since otherwise their knowledge of this game would be incomplete. Players must be aware that since this game is played in different countries in its different forms, there is something called baccarat slang. This also makes it necessary for them to know the terms related to the game. So, here we offer a list of the most widely-used terms related to this game to make playing the game more enjoyable and easy to understand.

Baccarat: This is not just the title of the game but also refers to the worst hand or cards amounting to a score of zero.

Baccarat Banque: The European version of the game in which players can bet only on the player’s hand.

Baccarat Chemin de Fer: This is the oldest version of baccarat in which a shoe is passed around the table of players.

Banker: Also called the dealer or croupier, this one of the two positions of play in baccarat.

Bankroll:  This is the total amount of money a player has to bet.

Croupier: The dealer of cards employed by a casino.

Draw: This action occurs when another card is to be added to the player hand.

Flat Bettor: A bettor that places the same bet in each round of the game.

Hand: This refers to the cards dealt during one round of baccarat.

House Advantage: This is a calculation of the amount of the casino’s projected long-term winnings from a game or bet within a game.

Modulo 10:  This refers to dropping the digit in tens space to decipher one’s hand value or score.

Natural:  This refers to a hand comprising of eight or nine points of the first couple of cards.

Pallet: This refers to the wooden paddle the croupier or dealer uses to move chips and cards. Though hardly ever used now, fans of this game still recognize it.

Player: No longer does this term refer to a participant who pays but to one of the two kinds of baccarat hands.

Point:  Baccarat players will recognize this term as that which stands for one unit of value or a baccarat hand’s sum total modulo.

Rotation: In a game of baccarat, the shoe travels round the table in a clockwise direction or in rotation. Therefore, the term rotation also refers to the position of the banker.

Shoe: This is a term from Baccarat slang which refers to several card decks from which baccarat hands are drawn at each table.

Stakes: These are individual bets made by each bettor. Full wagers are made by participants when in the banker position.

Stand: To stand means to accept the hand value and so refuse any extra cards. It may also refer to a participant’s decision to quit the game.

Tie:  This is a bet placed if the player and banker’s hands are evenly tied. This may give players a good payout, but it is not good for very low odds.

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